1. Sketch A Day page is up!View Post

    Sketch A Day page is up!

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  2. The Wedding TreeView Post

    The Wedding Tree

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  4. In Progress

    In Progress

    Acrylic Painting

    Acrylic Painting

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  5. Relix.com Premieres Devon Allman Video

    TMW: at 10AM on Relix.com - The WORLD Premiere of Devon Allman’s video “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” with labelmate Samantha Fish -so get your sticky bun and coffee first…tune in!

  6. Studio Pictures!View Post

    Studio Pictures!

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  7. Good February

    Good February

    Hey there…

    I’ve been  away and I have a lot of inventory… so if you see something and you like it please get with me and I can do a print or the original.


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  8. There’s always next year.

    Ok next year… I PROMISE I will do better with my own work. Promise. So look out, move over and make room! 

  9. So I am in a lull…

    And I am not tired. I am not sleepy… just meh. 

    That fine line between too many of this and not enough of that… I just get in funks with art well sometimes it’s been known to last for years. So I am hoping with the change in the weather will kick me in gear. 

    I know I am supposed to be creative… maybe I need to stop tweeting for it’s draining my creativity? 

    Me thinks… 

  10. The Boys Club at the Defoor Centre: 9/13 

    Come out and see the various works of local painters and photogs…. Sept 13 from 7-9PM